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C tick certification, telecom testing services and more.
The Approval Specialists are a dedicated group of professionals experienced in telecom and IT approvals for world markets. We have a proven track record in obtaining certification and approvals for a diverse range of products, from C tick approvals and telecom testing services on ATM and frame relay access devices, Optical, DSL and PSTN modems, RF communication devices including bluetoothTM, wireless lan and components such as power supplies.
Through our relationships with governments and agents, we deliver compliance services for high technology products in markets ranging from South and Latin America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Europe. In-country compliance folder compilation and agency services are also provided.
We sidestep trade barriers and other obstacles that slow your business growth. We know product life cycles are short and assist you by getting products to market quicker than your competition. Trade barriers exist in every country, some are obvious and government endorsed, others are more subtle or culturally based. Therefore, in-country technically literate expertise is essential to market access for your products.

Trademark C tick approvals for Australian and New Zealand markets
The Approval Specialists provides Safety, EMC and telecom interoperability pre-compliance, C tick certification and final test services plus consultation, allowing you to design global compliance into your product, the 1st time.

Assistance is not just limited to standard product C tick approvals. For new technologies, a formal approvals path may not exist. We provide in-country lobbying to Governments, Regulators and Carriers to achieve the outcomes you need. Wireless and spectrum management issues and voice over IP are examples of such technologies.
About Approval Specialists
The Approval Specialists are uniquely positioned to provide turnkey approval services and regulatory consultation for international markets. Our Principals, senior project managers and technical experts represent decades of combined experience in the ITE and telecommunications regulatory and compliance industry.
With primary offices in Los Angeles, Sydney, Auckland, Seoul and Singapore, along with subsidiaries and agents spread throughout the world, we provide localized support critical to success in these markets. We have invested significant time and resources in developing and maintaining key relationships with the government agencies and laboratories. Our technical expertise including experienced, in house Telecommunications, EMC and Safety engineers and country-specific regulatory know-how ensures fast and efficient results.
With literally thousands of approvals processed on behalf of small, medium and Fortune 500 companies including C tick certification, we determine the shortest path and where possible, utilize existing test data that a manufacturer may have, wherever possible. In countries such as Japan, we are able to use your existing test data to obtain JATE certifications. We have no interest in providing test services above those absolutely necessary for gaining the certifications you require.

For C tick certification, telecom testing services and more speak with the Approval Specialists today.
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