Pre Testing

WWe have many years of expertise when evaluating products against global telecom, EMC and safety standards. This experience stretches to telecom testing services and telecom equipment certification. Where 3rd party testing is accepted and has not yet been performed, we are able to provide quotations from various, cost competitive partner test labs.
Likewise, where 3rd partly results are not accepted (CMC/SIRIM for Malaysia, NALTE and SRRC for China as examples), we are able to perform preliminary evaluations of your product to ensure the in-country test process is smooth and trouble free.
In-House Test and pre-telecom testing services are offered for:
  • Safety Standards IEC/UL60950, IEC 60601-1, IEC 60065, IEC 60335 and sub sections, including CB Reports and Certs.
  • EMC emission and immunity standards such as EN55011, EN55012, EN55013, EN55014-1, EN55015, EN55022, EN55024, FCC Part 15, EN50082-1 & -2.
  • FCC part 68, CTR/TBR 3, 4 and CTR/TBR 21, CMC standards for Malaysia, iDA standards for Singapore, ACMA AS/ACIF standards for Australia, PTC standards for New Zealand, ICASA TE-001 + DPT-SWS-001 for South Africa, JATE and TELEC standards in Japan, to name just a few, ranging from full in house PSTN, ISDN and xDSL test capabilities.
We offer advice and solutions to failures and have close relationships with many of the reputable testing providers in North America, Asia and Europe.

To arrange telecom equipment certification or evaluation on products, speak with the Approval Specialists and find out more about EMC, safety and telecom testing services.