Related Links

While it's impossible to list all country and technology links, we've listed some of the more helpful web sites.
Test Labs
Austest Laboratories Comprehensive testing services for EMC, Safety & Telecom (ACMA Compliance Folders, New Zealand & International Markets)
Harvest Labs Asia Pacific Test Lab for ACMA, NZ and Asian Safety and Telecoms, New Zealand Compliance Folder Services
General Industry Info
Industry Acronyms Good for definitions of commonly used terms or acronyms.
Standards Resource Their instant search engine is useful for obtaining a brief description of just about any available standard. Most of their standards are available for purchase in .pdf format.
Component Resource Useful for their on-line certification directory and listing of suitable plastics that comply with various flammability requirements.
Standards Bodies
European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization Voluntary electrotechnical standards producer supporting the IEC
The European Telecommunications Standards Institute Not for profit producer of telecommunications standards
Country Specific Regulators


Home page of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States.


Singapore Regulator


Hong Kong Regulator


Australian Regulator


Japan Telecom Regulator


Japan Wireless Regulator


South Korea Regulator


Taiwan Directorate General of Telecommunications


The South African Radcomms and Telecomms Regulator


China Quality Certification Center, administers the CCC (click on Compulsory product Certification)